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The first documented medicinal use of coral calcium is by the Arabs in the 16th Century.  The oldest pharmacy in Spain was built in 1685 in Panaranda de Duero in northern Spain.  This pharmacy, now part of a museum, displays a container of “ground up” coral with the inscription “The blond coral is the only coral used for medicine” and further states that the coral calcium has a beneficial effect upon the heart and elevates the mood of the person taking it.

Ancient cultures were aware that coral calcium's 73 minerals and elements are key for the healthy to remain healthy and for the unhealthy to regain their vitality.

The Evolution from Coral Calcium Tea Bags to Powder

Coral calcium first became popular as a little tea bag of coral sand shipped over from the islands of Okinawa.  Many people expressed immediate relief from back pain, bone spurs, joint pain and restless sleep syndrome, and many other conditions.  Just by drinking water treated with coral sand, people absorbed enough of the coral calcium and minerals to substantially change their health.  The success of this coral calcium tea bag is primarily due to the coral minerals in the water, derived from the coral, that balance the body’s pH level. 

Many people incorrectly assume that the health improvements are derived from the high pH water.  Although high pH water is a good thing, the health improvements stem from the amount of minerals in the water, not the high pH of the water.  These same people usually try to show the importance of a negative reading on a redox meter.  This demonstration is a vast over simplification of reality.  A redox meter will show a negative reading if basic components such as baking soda are present.  The most important concept is to have a comprehensive balance of minerals in a bio available form.

Coral calcium has now evolved from coral calcium tea bags to pharmaceutical grade micronized coral calcium powder harvested from above-sea level deposits that readily dissolves when placed on the tongue (the minerals instantly turn ionic as needed by the body).  Chemical analysis has shown that this enhanced form of coral calcium provides the human body with seven times the minerals as the former coral calcium tea bags.  And the health improvements have increased by seven fold as well.

How Coral Calcium Works

Not only does coral calcium contain all of the minerals found in the human body but, they are naturally in similar proportions as the human body.  Most important of all is how effectively these minerals get into the blood stream.  It is easy to swallow mineral supplements but the body has a difficult time transporting most minerals from the digestive tract to the blood.  Through the organic source of coral minerals, they have the inherent ability to rapidly enter the blood stream.

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